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I've been wandering...

I lost my way here for the last couple of years. I registered with The Sacred Mists -- an online Wiccan college two years ago and I got swallowed up with activities, homework and making new friends. I didn't visit my live-journal for so long that I literally forgot my id and password and even what email address I used for it. Then I just forgot about live-journal completely for a while.

Recently I've started blogging using Google blogs. I'm reviewing books I read, and doing a little creative writing, and that reminded me that I have this old live-journal hanging around on the web still. So I dug and dug and finally found all my log in information. So here I am. I've got so much writing here that I don't know if I want to keep this journal, move the content elsewhere, start over fresh with a new live-journal under a different name or what...

Hmmm.I will have to think about this...

Other than that, life continues onwards. I moved into a larger apartment so I have more space and light. I'm starting Belly-dancing lessons for the first time tonight. I'm still pet-sitting/house-sitting and dog-walking. My business hasn't really grown, but although it's small, it's mostly stable and at a level of activity that I can handle.

I'm definitely far from rich. I could use a little bit more money. With that in mind...

I'm still trying to figure out ways to publicize my Tarot readings in my neighborhood. I've written letters introducing myself as a Tarot reader to the owners of a few local coffee shops and one craft beer bar that seem to have holistic sorts of atmospheres.I plan to drop them off later today and call to follow up in a few days.

I guess that's all for today.



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